About Us

Cornerstone Events and Entertainment is the result of a spotlight falling on the sharpest and most creative parts of two entrepreneurial minds. As an event management agency, our unique services are supplemented by a passion for relationship building and a desire to deliver results in the entertainment industry. Our execution and finesse in the recreational activities for our clients promises a superior experience that everyone deserves – be it a corporate event as a retreat from the boardroom, the celebration of adding another candle on the cake, or the exchange of rings and kisses to mark a new life.

Being in the business of events, our success story itself can be captured in the many events that we have organized. With our diligence and resourcefulness, we have grown from strength-to-strength and are proud to be involved with some of the largest corporates and High Net Individuals. Our strong international experience provides us the confidence to creatively address varied event needs and objectives.

Welcome to our vibrant world where every business opportunity can be celebrated with an event and every occasion of joy can leave an imprint for everyone to remember.

Events happen every day but 'Great Events' only happen as a result of meticulous planning and good communication ‘